Nuoret Kotkat invites asylum seeker children to join in activities

Nuoret Kotkat demands that in decision making in refugee issues must always be a report of child impact and that the family placement of children arriving unaccompanied must be started immediately. For children must be guaranteed an opportunity to join safe leisure time activities.

The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child article 22 obligates state to take care of refugee children and to protect them. Finland signed this document over 25 years ago.

Europe is facing the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. People in distress need to be helped and provided with security, regardless of where they come from.

Managing refugee issues are about human rights, which are not matters of opinions. We are living in an international world and as Finns we are part of the international community. This obliges us to support the needy.

There are also children among the asylum seekers, some of them even without their parents. Hard travel is dangerous and tough for a child. Therefore, it is important to create a safe environment for a child immediately after arriving to the country. If we are able to help even one child, the help has been worthwhile.

In the placement discussion of refugees children often remain invisible. Cramped reception center is not a suitable place for children, but compromises their growth and development. Particularly children arriving unaccompanied need to be placed in families as quick as possible.

Access of asylum seekers to diverse leisure-time activities is of paramount importance. Especially participation of children to leisure time activities has to be enabled. Leisure time activities support mental health and speed up the start of inclusion.

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