Nuoret Kotkat (NKK) is a non-govermental children’s organization operating in 13 districts around Finland. Nuoret Kotkat districts organize various safe and affordable activities for children and youth, including camps, clubs and afternoon care. 

About Nuoret Kotkat

NKK supports districts and arranges education and activities for adult volunteers and peer instructors (13 to 17-year-old supporting group instructors), as well as district employees. NKK arranges national events for all members of Nuoret Kotkat, as well as international camps. The organization co -operates with other organizations that are part of the international Falcon movement. NKK also acts as an advocate for children´s rights and lobbyists in politics regarding children and youth in Finland.

All Nuoret Kotkat work is based on children’s rights and labour movement values, which are equality, democracy, internationalism, justice, solidarity and community. 

Our work is based on volunteer work. Volunteers are very important to us and we do our best to support our volunteers in their important work. We organize activities together with children and youth and aim to get better at including children and youth in decision making. Participation is important to us.

If you want to participate in our camps, clubs and other activities, you can directly contact your local district or ask us for guidance

International co-operation

Internationally we are part of the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI) as well as European Falcon Network (EFN) and Nordic Arbetarrörelsens Barnorganisationer i Norden (ABN). We also co-operate with other national Falcon organizations. Our international opportunities for youth consist of international camps and participation in international projects, such as seminars, youth exchanges and volunteer programs.

If you are part of an international organization and want to co-operate with us, please contact us!

Contact person for international affairs is 

Wilhelmiina Seppä-Ojanperä

Publicity and International Affairs Secretary



Nuoret Kotkat National office (NKK)


Nuorten Kotkien Keskusliitto

Haapaniemenkatu 14 2nd. floor

00530 Helsinki Finland

Instagram: @nuoretkotkat