Participation Island 2018 (ENG)

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? International jubilee camp Participation Island 2018 is held in Bengtsår Camp Island next summer!


When: 25.7.-1.8.2018

Where: Bengtsår Camp Island, Hanko, Finland. The island of Bengtsår is located in Hanko, about 120 km from Helsinki and is rounded by sea.

Signing up: at the latest on 30.4.2018,

Price: 180 €, The price covers camp activities, accommodation in tents, meals and transports offered by the organizer internal Finland. 



Theme of the camp is copartnership and the theme is well brought up trough different kind of inclusive activities for example diverse sportactivities and crafts. Participants have the oportunity to solve tasks on nature trail and talk about current topics with organization fields experts.

The sea is a large part of camp activities and opportunities to swim, go fishing and try different kind of watersport are excellent. On the camp you can try the Finnish sauna, paddle and row, play football and mölkky, a traditional Finnish game In the middle of the week international fair event brings all participants together. The programme of the camp will be updated during the year.


Sleeping in tents which are presented by the organizer. Taking your own tent with you is also allowed.


The organizer offers participants four meals a day. Please remember to inform the organizer about possible allergies while signing up.


Washing facilities to shower and go to sauna are provided everyday from forenoon to afternoon. As lavatories camp uses outhouse toilets which are cleaned and taken care of daily by camp staff.

Shop and Cafe:

A camp shop and a café, found from camp area, are open daily. From there participants are able to buy drinks, snacks and souvenirs branded by Nuoret Kotkat.


Water coming from faucets is drinkable. There is no water on sale at the camp shop or café. All the participants are asked to take their own drinkingbottle and a mug with them.


Electricity sources at the island are limited. The organizer recommends especially the youngest participants to leave their electricity devices home. Campers phones or cameras will not be charged at the office.


Campfires are only allowed on the places marked so during a set time. Attendance of a supervisor and having water to extinguish fire are necessary while making fire.

More information:


Come and join the international 75-year-jubileecamp on Bengtsår Camp Island, which is located close to the city of Hanko, app. 120 kilometers west from Helsinki. The nature in the forested and rocky Bengtsår is very rich and there is a nature reserve.


See you at the camp! Nähdään leirillä!


Pictures from Bengtsår camp islands August 2015.


Aspholm (1)

Barnholm (9)











Merisauna (12)

Sofianlehto (13)









lahdenpohja (26)




Lahdenpohja (18)






Barnholm (2)







Rantaniitty (4)






Rantaniitty (7)