Nuoret Kotkat – Young Falcons

In English

–          WORKS: with children and for children

    • club evenings
    • camps
    • excursion and events
    • seminars
    • children’s rights education
    • member organization of SDP party
      • person is not member of party directly
      • Nuoret Kotkat can make proposals to party and parliament group
    • co-operation with other children organizations in Finland

–          VALUES: democracy, solidarity, tolerance, criticism, equal rights, joint responsibility, teamwork

–          ORGANISATION:

  • central organization:
    • promotes children’s rights
    • organizes national events for children, youngsters and adult leaders
    • organics international camps in Finland and camp trips abroad
    • produces falcon magazine Kotkaviesti 4 times a year
    • produces all kind of material (socks, hats, t-shirts, leaflets)
  • 15 districts
    • organizes local camps, club evenings, excursions, events, training for leaders etc.
  • about 250 local clubs/area organizations:
    • club evenings, camps, excursions, events

–          Nuoret Kotkat has about 13 000 members (children, youngsters, adults)

–          Nuoret Kotkat work is based on voluntary work

  • less than 20 paid workers in the whole organization, so most work is done by voluntary adults and young people

–          ECONOMY:

  • funding from state to central organization and districts
  • funding from cities to local organizations
  • member fee (small)
  • participation fees (small)
  • support from trade unions


  • ABN (Arbetarrörelsens Barnorganisationen I Norden)
    • Finland – Nuoret Kotkat
    • Sweden – Unga Örnar
    • Norway – Framfylkingen
    • Denmark – DUI Leg og Virke
  • IFM-SEI (International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International)
    • Global organization
    • Organizes camps, seminars, material and campaigns on international issues like child labor, right to education etc.


Nuoret Kotkat maailmalla

Nuorten Kotkien sisarjärjestöjä on yli 50 eri maassa Aasiassa, Afrikassa, Euroopassa ja Latinalaisessa Amerikassa.

Maailmanjärjestö International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International IFM-SEI